More and more people are recognizing the value in preserving and displaying special-occasion mementos, historical relics, and collectibles. It makes good sense to bring your treasures out of a dark closet or drawer and into the light of your living or work space, where they can provide immeasurable pleasure by reminding you of personal achievements, precious moments, and relished hobbies every time you look around the room.

What is the best way set off your family heirlooms, memorabilia, and collector’s items? Shoreline Framing recommends a carefully crafted, custom-made shadow box.

Shadow Boxes: The Perfect Way to Frame your Treasures

A shadow box is a type of frame that has depth to accommodate a wide variety of item sizes and shapes. The heirlooms of your choice are artistically arranged by one of our designers to create an aesthetic grouping that is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the heart.

The items are secured to they will remain firmly in place, and then the frame is fitted with quality glass or acrylic that blocks 100 percent of UV rays. This means the items inside are protected from light damage as well as dust and dirt.

A Shadow Box for Every Item

One factor that makes a shadow box an ideal option for displaying treasured items is its versatility. Shadow boxes can be used to display items of all sizes and shapes—from buttons; coins; stamps; and keys to football jerseys; wedding veils and bouquets; as well as flags, uniform pieces, medals, and other military mementos. Shadow boxes are particularly popular for framing scouting badges, diplomas with caps and tassels, sports memorabilia, and vacation souvenirs.

Shoreline Framing can custom-make a shadow box for single items or collections of any size. We will also place identifying information on the back of your shadow box so future generations will know the significance of the items contained within. Whether it’s an assortment of beloved family photographs, awards won for special achievements in school, or vintage buttons collected by a dear aunt, we will make sure the names and dates are accurately captured so the memories will remain evergreen.

Shoreline Framing: Shadow Boxes and Service with a Smile

When you have items large or small that you would like to protect, preserve, and display, put your trust in Shoreline Framing. Our trained design consultants will sit down with you, discuss the importance of your treasures, and create a shadow boxing solution that sets off your items perfectly. We have the flexibility to accommodate not only the smallest to the largest items, but also the most frugal to the most extravagant budget. And we’ll turn around your project quickly, so you won’t have to wait long to enjoy your new, personalized piece of art.