It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  In this case, we’ll make it over 600 pages from two separate books.  I love history.  In my research of the Empress of China print, I was pleased to find a most fascinating story regarding this ship.    From the role this ship played in early American history and the people involved in the design, to the crew and their places in our local history.  The books bring the print to a new level of life.  The names, Green, Ledyard, Morgan, Shaw just to identify a few, are local names, and they are still here, at least their descendants are.  Streets, villages and towns carry their names and I thought it a good thing for people to have the opportunity to own this beautiful print with the history that goes with it.

Raymond Massey - Empress of China (Lithograph)

I contacted Eric Jay Dolan author of, “When America First Met China”, and asked him how he felt regarding me paring up his book with this print.  He thought it a “novel” idea.  I also found that the China Mint had minted a 5 yuan silver coin in 1986 to celebrate the the bicentennial of America’s trade with China.  Locating one, I’ve included it in this package.  The second book is, “The Empress of China” by Philip Chadwick Foster Smith.  This volume is for the more serious history or naval history enthusiast.  I have available with this print, an autographed copy of Eric Dolan’s, “When America First Met China”, a copy of “The Empress of China” by Philip C.F. Smith, and the 5 yuan silver coin in a wooden display box with the Empress of China on the face.  This package  can be purchased for only $200.00.

Raymond Massey is a self taught artist whose paintings can bring the past to life. His work fairly bristles with fine detail, the vision of an artist combined with the fervor of a born historian. The colors that flow from his brush take form in a tradition of visual documentation, information mated to beauty in a marriage that, for the artist, is spurred by the romance of the sea.Only after months of careful research, including volumes of notes and sketches and visits to the Far East, did Mr. Massey begin his series of paintings documenting Americis early trade with China. His efforts are bringing him critical acclaim and a growing reputation as a major American maritime artist.