In your attic, closet, or old dresser drawer, there are precious old photographs and mementos longing to see the light of day. Perhaps it’s your grandparents’ sepia-toned wedding portrait. Or a newspaper clipping of your mom receiving an award for winning the third-grade spelling bee. Your college diploma. Your child’s first drawing. Or a shot of your grandkids playing in the sand at the beach last summer.

Treasured memories and snapshots of special moments in time are worth preserving—and displaying—in professionally crafted custom frames. That’s why you need Shoreline Framing. Custom framing ensures that you can display beloved pictures and other mementos in a way that not only compliments them best but enhances your décor, and protects them for future generations.

Handcrafted Custom Frames Make All the Difference!

Never trust the large chains and “big boxes” with your delicate heirloom photographs and other mementos. Shoreline Framing understands the tender touch needed to create the right handcrafted framing solution that will protect, preserve, and perfectly display even the most fragile old photograph or document.

First, we will talk with you about the piece you would like to frame. We’ll listen carefully to the history of your photo or other item. We’ll discover all we can about the look you would like to achieve and where you’d like to display your precious memory.

Then our framing professionals will get to work. We will custom-make your frame to your exact specifications. And then, we’ll carefully put it all together, giving your fragile, irreplaceable photographs and mementos the respect they deserve.

When you come in to see your piece in its new frame, we’ll happily make any adjustments you request until it’s precisely the way you want it. Shoreline Framing guarantees a level of personal service you won’t be able to find at a department store, big-box operation, or at any other frame company for that matter!

Shoreline Framing Cares—and It Shows

Shoreline Framing specializes in creative, customized frames for every item, every need, and every budget. We have an extensive variety of frames—from the fanciest, high-end options to the simplest, most affordable styles, in many types of wood as well as metallic materials and finishes. We also offer shadowboxing for collections of memorabilia. Let us turn your treasures into works of art you’ll happily display in your home or office, and proudly pass on to future generations.