You have a special piece of art you would like to have framed so that it is well protected from UV light and you can display it with confidence and pride. Just as you do not want to skimp on the frame, you should not skimp on the glass. Your best and safest choice is museum-quality glass, and you can find it at Shoreline Framing.

What Is Museum-Quality Glass?
Museum-quality glass is higher in quality and more protective than other types of glass, such as the kind used to make windows. Museum-quality glass is available in either two- or three-millimeter thicknesses, making it thin and transparent. The thicker of the two is better suited for large items, as it is stiffer and less likely to bend. This is good news because when glass bends, it distorts incoming light.

Museum-quality glass is the wisest choice for protecting art and photographs from UV light damage such as fading. Museum-quality glass blocks a whopping 98 percent of UV rays, whereas standard “picture glass” blocks only about 40 percent of UV rays.

Consider Value and UV Exposure when Weighing Cost Factors

You do get what you pay for, and it’s no surprise that museum-quality glass is at the higher end of the cost scale. However, prices for museum-quality glass vary according to the size of the item being framed.
Experts advise considering the value of the artwork you wish to have framed and the amount of UV light it will be exposed to in the space where it will be displayed. The more UV exposure, and the more valuable your piece, the stronger the need for top-notch museum-quality glass.

Shoreline Framing: The Best Museum-Quality Glass for Your Framing Project
Shoreline Framing offers museum-quality glass to protect your artwork, photographs, and other special framed documents. Our caring, expert staff would be happy to talk with you about museum-quality glass, explain the benefits, and show you some samples. Please call or stop by soon. We’re here to serve you with a smile and a well-trained eye for detail, design, and excellence.