When you have a beloved family photo, fine art print, or treasured collection of memorabilia that needs framing, only the very best will do! Framed pictures and artwork are meant to be seen and enjoyed every day of your life. You don’t want to feel even one pang of regret at the sight of an ill-fitting frame or a poorly matched mat. Instead, you want to feel satisfied and pleased every time you look at the wall to gaze at the pieces you’ve specially chosen to adorn your personal living or work space.

This is why you need to turn to Shoreline Framing for all your framing needs.

Quality Frames in a Vast Variety of Styles

Unlike the department and big-box stores, we won’t limit you to only a handful of mediocre, mass-produced, prepackaged framing options. At Shoreline Framing, we have every style of frame you can imagine—from the most ornate, extravagant frames to the simplest frames that set off your artwork beautifully while staying within the strictest budget. Tell us what look you want to achieve, and what price range you need to stay within, and we will find the perfect solution to delight the eye without breaking the bank!

Our wood frames come in a vast variety of materials, including maple, cherry, oak, and mahogany. Or, if you’d prefer a metal frame, we have a wide assortment of styles and colors, including the ever-popular gold and silver styles. Shoreline Framing also offers an extensive selection of top-of-the-line frames. We carry such prestigious brands as Framers Market, Larson Juhl, and Nurre Caxton, in quality wood finishes as well as in classic gold or silver leaf.

We also have a terrific selection of shadow boxes and other unique framing options for your special collections of memorabilia. Show off your precious mementos off in customized style!

Design Consulting to Make Sure Everything Is Perfect
With such a wide selection of options for your framing needs, it can be challenging to choose just the right matting, framing, and color scheme. We understand this, so our consultants provide friendly, patient, one-on-one design consulting. And once we’ve worked with you to choose the matting and frames that best compliment your photos or art, we’ll work carefully and diligently to ensure that everything fits like a glove, coordinates beautifully, and comes out perfectly.

We offer complete assembly including frame, glass, fillets, and enhancers. Although our attention to detail is unsurpassed, we also provide quick turnaround times. Depending on order size and availability, we can get most projects completed within only one week! When we’ve finished putting it all together, your cherished piece of art will provide you with pride and pleasure for years to come.

Artwork to Beautify Your Personal Space

Shoreline Framing also carries an extensive line of artwork to add just the right designer touch to your home, office, or any space you want to adorn. We carry still life, landscapes, contemporary, and nautical prints as well as people, wildlife, children’s art, limited-edition maritime art, and Greenwich Workshop fine art editions—true copies of artists’ originals and the highest-grade paper or canvas art reproductions on the market.

Shoreline Framing: The Personal Touch You Can’t Find in a Big-Box Store

Let Shoreline Framing create the ideal framing for your treasured heirlooms and works of art, and in selecting the perfect piece to hang in your home or office. Our family-owned shop in Westbrook is here to serve you with a smile and a well-trained eye for detail and design. Call or stop by and allow us to share our expertise and passion with you. We promise to frame your photos and artwork to pleasing perfection!